Who’s plan?

Read this article from the Wall Street Journal:

God at the Grammys: The Chosen Ones — Why do so many musical superstars think that their careers are part of a divine plan?

I often ask working music teachers that I meet what it was that drew them to their career. Often, they come speak to my school’s music education organization chapter and tell their stories about personal high school and college music experiences. Never has anyone mentioned their religion, except if it has to do with playing in music liturgy as another form of employment.

As I understand it from the religious side of things (and you might choose not to believe it), God gave humans the freedom of choice, which is a significant difference between us and angels. That is why I personally don’t believe strongly in fate or destiny. That doesn’t mean that the Dude has no ideas for us. A lot of Christians often think—or worry, rather—that we are not fulfilling God’s goals. I have considered that God has given us inherent strengths through heredity, and learned strengths absorbed through our environment. So if we find something we sincerely enjoy and have a desire to make a career out of it, why would God be unhappy with us?

Any thoughts?

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